Teen Who Lost Legs in Botched Abortion Makes State Wrestling Championships

"We have to respect all forms of life, even those with disabilities”

In Woodburn, Indiana a teenager named Nik Hoot just had his best season yet in wrestling with 24 wins over 11 losses, earning him the opportunity to compete in the Wrestling Semi State championships that "represent the top ten percent of high school wrestlers in the state of Indiana," his adoptive mother told LifeSiteNews. One minor caveat though, parts of both his legs are missing, as well as some fingers, from a botched abortion he survived at birth.

In the fall of 1996, an unknown couple from Russia attempted to abort baby Nik. The abortion failed, and the couple spared his life by putting him up for adoption where he eventually found a home with Marvin and Apryl Hoot, who have a total of five adopted disabled children from foreign countries.

“We made the decision to adopt him after knowing about him for six weeks on Respect Life Sunday at church when we heard the priest say we have to respect all forms of life, even those with disabilities,” said his mother Apryl.

In an effort to echo his parents pro-life sentiment, Nik recently got a tattoo on his chest with the phrase "I can only imagine" surrounded by two roses. The roses represent the aborted babies he memorializes every year at a pro-life Sunday event and the phrase is to remember what they could have been.

On top of wrestling, Nik has also participated in marching band, football, baseball, and basketball. He plans to continue wrestling in college.