Ted Nugent Apologizes, Rewords Obama 'Subhuman Mongrel' Blast

And calls out media hypocrisy in the process

Ted Nugent apologized for calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel" on the Ben Ferguson Show Friday. Nugent said he should have used more "understandable language" and promised to "elevate" his vernacular in the future.

Ferguson asked Nugent if he crossed the line by calling Obama a "subhuman mongrel" and if he saw the president, would he apologize. Nugent responded:

Yes, I would. I did cross the line. I do apologize -- not necessarily to the president -- but on behalf of much better men than myself…on behalf of those professional politicians and those who put their heart and soul into representing "We the people" so accurately…that I do, Ben, live on your show. Ted Nugent, I apologize for using the street fighter terminology of "subhuman mongrel" instead of just using more understandable language such as violater of his oath to the Constitution, the liar that he is…so yes, Ben, I apologize for using the term "subhuman mongrel" and I will try to elevate my vernacular to the level of those great men that I'm learning from in the world of politics. 

Nugent cited Ted Cruz, Gov Rick Perry and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott amongst those "great men" who he says are "constitutionally driven" in their politics.

Nugent also took the opportunity to criticize the media's hypocrisy, especially when those cats scratch at his door:

They want me to apologize for using street-fighter terminology like "subhuman mongrels" but that leftist, mindless, soulless, unprofessional, dishonest media will constantly level allegations of "pedophile" and "draft-dodger" towards me and no one seems to mind that they lie while I'm just using metaphorical street language to describe corrupt, power-abusing elected officials who break their vow -- violate their vow -- to the U.S. Constitution.  Yeah, there's some social justice for you, Ben.

The interview can be heard at WBAP 820 AM. The "apology" starts at around the 3:00 mark.