Ted Kennedy Jr. To Join The 'Family Business'

Will announce a run for Connecticut State Senate Tuesday

According to sources, Ted Kennedy Jr. will enter the family business (politics) on Tuesday by announcing a run for Connecticut State Senate. The son of progressive icon, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, will run for a seat being vacated by a retiring Democrat, reported Branford Seven, a Connecticut-based news site: 

Sources with knowledge of the plans of the soon to be State Senate candidate confirmed that Ted Kennedy Jr. will run for the 12th district seat, a seat now held by Democrat Ed Meyer. Meyer is retiring.

According to those sources, Kennedy Jr. will make the formal announcement Tuesday at the Blackstone Library.

In a press release dated March 24, Kennedy first thanked Meyer for his years of service, and addressed speculation about his running by stating he would make his decision in the next 2 weeks.

Kennedy is spending time Sunday contacting key Democrats in the 12th Senate district, informing them of his intention to run.

Kennedy Jr., who lost a leg to bone cancer 41 years ago when he was 12, is president of the Marwood Group, a consulting firm that advises corporations about health care and financial services.

In the last year Kennedy has become more active in politics, and his name has been mentioned for national seats, including U.S. House and Senate seats. His name was mentioned often for an open seat on the U.S. House of Representatives as a potential replacement for John Kerry in Massachusetts, who became Secretary of State.

Both he and his wife, Kiki, volunteered often with the 2013 municipal election, supporting Andrew Campbell for selectman.