Ted Cruz Vampire/Rhino Slayer

"Welcome to Trannyvania"

The Ted Cruz/True Blood saga takes another turn as the Texas Senator gains a sidekick in outspoken street artist, Sabo.

After Cruz and conservative women were mocked in a truly horrid manner, Cruz shot back with a hilarious post about losing the vampire vote. 

Now, the artist who made headlines giving Ted Cruz tattoos, made Wendy Davis an “abortion Barbie,” and who made Obama into the Joker, responded to HBO by transforming Cruz into a vampire slayer. 

Sabo writes on his site:

In response to the True Blood episode that decided to call Republican women, “Republicunts” during what they portrayed to be a Ted Cruz rally, I decided to create this STREET poster made up of a 12 count of 11×17 color prints taped together. So they are very rough intended specifically for the streets and to be torn down quickly. These are what I go out in the streets with. ENJOY! 

The Blaze description of the poster is perfect.

Senator Cruz’s head has been placed on the body of a man carrying a weapon. He is sporting a dark outfit adorned with a “True Blood Sucks” sticker as well as a button showing what appears to be the GOP’s logo, with a rhinoceros replacing the typical elephant, and a red line though it. Swooping in from above, a large bat-like creature sporting a necklace with the name “Michelle.” The HBO logo is also prominently displayed along with the tag line, “Welcome to Trannyvania.”