Cruz: Children Being Sexually Abused and Mutilated as a 'Direct Result of President Obama's Lawlessness'

"And it's the direct result of President Obama's lawlessness."

On The Sean Hannity Show on Monday, Senator Ted Cruz was on to talk, among other things, about the growing problem at the border. Specifically, he and host Hannity discussed the unaccompanied minors, mainly from Central America, who are overwhelming the system in Texas, a situation causing ripple effects throughout the nation, most notably in Murrieta, California. Cruz agreed with the President that there is a "humanitarian crisis", and says that these children are suffering needlessly.

"Probably the most heartbreaking aspect of this, is you look at this year, some 90,000 little boys and little girls coming in illegally. Look, the people bringing them in, they're not well-meaning social workers. These are hardened, transnational, global criminal cartels. They are cruel vicious men. These little boys and little girls are being subjected to physical violence, to sexual violence.

When I was at Lackland Air Force Base, a senior official there told me about a number of the children that have come in, where the drug cartels, when they get these kids, some of them they hold for ransom to try and extract more money from the families. And horrifically, Sean, they will cut off and send back body parts. They'll force one little boy or one little girl to cut off the fingers or ears of other little boys or little girls. And they'll hold a gun to their head, they'll say 'either you cut off this little boy's finger or we'll shoot you.'"

Cruz goes on to call the situation heartbreaking, and says it's the direct result of "President Obama's lawlessness."

"We should be working to reunite these children with their families. And, these children will not stop coming, and not stop being subjected to this horrific physical violence and sexual violence, unless until this administration begins enforcing our laws. As long as people believe they get amnesty, they get freedom, they get a permiso, they will keep coming, and that is the opposite of a humane policy."