Teacher of the Year Charged With Raping Student

A former teacher of the year has been charged with multiple counts of child rape, with police alleging the female teacher sexually abused a male student she had taken into her home.

Once deemed on of Washington state's top teacher, Darcy M. Smith, is now accused of having sex with the boy when he was just 14 -- and at the exact time she was named teacher of the year.

Her lawyer, Brad Meryhew, told a Portland newspaper that "there is a lot more to this story than is contained in the cursory investigation that was done prior to the filing of these charges. Darcy looks forward to vigorously defending herself and to being exonerated.”

According to the charges, the boy’s mother let him move in with Smith while he was recuperating from an injury. The charging papers say she began having sex with him at 14 and continued until he moved out at 18.

Seattlepi.com said this:

“We have a much greater responsibility to the children we teach,” Smith wrote in 2013. “We do not always know what role we are fulfilling for a child at any given moment, but it is important to remember that we have a moral obligation to fill these roles when we can.” 

The Seattle Times said Smith’s case is the second sex abuse case filed against a sixth-grade Highline teacher –- the first being Mary Kay LeTourneau, the teacher who spent six years in jail for raping 12-year-old Vili Fualaau, whom she married a year after her release.