Take That, Abortion! Trump Cuts Federal Funds from Global Abortion Movement

Happy anniversary to Roe v. Wade, feminists!

Just three days after his inauguration, President Trump made good on his pro-life promises by reinstating the Mexico City Policy, cutting billions of dollars in federal funds from organizations seeking to kill unborn children through the institution of abortion.   

Since Reagan, the Mexico City Policy has been an endless game of hot potato between administrations. Named after the city that hosted the U.N. International Conference on Population, the bill sought to curtail what Pope Francis has called "ideological colonization," or the pushing of abortion on third world countries with taxpayer dollars. After Bill Clinton's ascension in 1993, the bill was policy lay dormant for 8 years until George W. Bush reinstated it in 2001, undone in 2009 by President Obama. 

Naturally, the child-killing commissars at NARAL and Planned Parenthood have been spewing green vomit while trying to keep their heads screwed on amidst the 360 spins (ironically, The Exorcist's Linda Blair turned 58 on Sunday). Happy anniversary to Roe v. Wade, feminists:                     

"Donald Trump has turned his anti-women rhetoric into policy, and made it more difficult for women and families all over the world to access vital reproductive care," said NARAL president Ilyse Hogue. "He really is living up to the lowest of expectations."

Pro-lifers are singing a different tune:

"This is a vital step in the journey to make America great again," said Tony Perkins, head of Family Research Council, "recognizing and affirming the universal ideal that all human beings have inherent worth and dignity, regardless of their age or nationality. I thank President Trump for issuing an executive order in keeping with his campaign promise that he will protect taxpayers from having to pay for abortions."