Syrian Refugees Admitted into U.S. Since Paris Attacks: 525 Muslims, 1 Christian

“It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world." — ISIS

Days after the November terror attacks in Paris last year, President Obama condemned the idea of allowing only Christians to come into the United States as part of his plan to accept Syrian refugees. He adamantly stated in no uncertain terms that a religious test would not be a part of the plan: "We don't have religious tests to our compassion," he said.

Well, that may not necessarily be true, as it seems that the numbers are heavily balanced in the opposite direction, according to the State Department Refugee Processing Center. Of the 526 Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. since November, all of them are Muslim except for one, who is Christian.

The complete breakdown was published at

Sunni Muslims account for 512 (97.3 percent) of the 526 Syrian refugees approved for resettlement in the U.S. since the Nov. 13 attacks, which prompted fresh concerns that terrorists could use refugee admission programs to enter Western countries.

The remaining 13 comprise three Shi’ites and ten refugees identified as “Moslem.” 

But it's not just this period of time that shows Muslims outnumbering Christians. Beginning in October, a month before the Paris jihad, 1,817 refugees came to America: 798 were Sunnis and six were Christians. Furthermore, the numbers going back to when the civil war started in 2011 mirror the same: 2,690 Syrian refugees admitted, 2,517 are Sunni, 54 are Christian, with the remainder being a mixture of other religions.

This has Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch very concerned and rightfully so. He writes:

Barack Obama and John Kerry have magic powers that shelter them from the consequences of their actions. They need not be concerned about the fact that last February, the Islamic State boasted it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. And the Lebanese Education Minister recently said that there were 20,000 jihadis among the refugees in camps in his country. Meanwhile, 80% of migrants who have recently come to Europe claiming to be fleeing the war in Syria aren’t really from Syria at all.

So why are they claiming to be Syrian and streaming into Europe, and now the U.S. as well? An Islamic State operative gave the answer when he boasted in September, shortly after the migrant influx began, that among the flood of refugees, 4,000 Islamic State jihadis had already entered Europe. He explained their purpose: “It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world, and we will have it soon, inshallah.” These Muslims were going to Europe in the service of that caliphate: “They are going like refugees,” he said, but they were going with the plan of sowing blood and mayhem on European streets. As he told this to journalists, he smiled and said, “Just wait.” We are waiting in the U.S. as well.

It has been estimated that 600,000 Syrian Christians have fled their homes in the wake of the civil war. Where are they finding refuge?