Syria Misses Deadline to Dispose Chemical Weapons Stockpile

On Wednesday, Syria missed the deadline to handover stockpiles of chemical weapons just a little over a month after missing the previous deadline on Dec. 31 to eliminate their deadliest arsenals of Sarin and Mustard gases reports Fox. Thus far, they have only given up four percent of their stockpile according to a U.S diplomat.

This recent misstep raises serious doubts and concerns in the international community if the Assad regime ever intended to make good on their promise at all and if Assad is "stockpiling the weaponry for use in case the country is partitioned" reports USA Today.

Last fall, Syria brokered a deal with Russia to relinquish their chemical weapons arsenal to neutralize threats of military action from the Obama administration when evidence surfaced that the Assad regime had used poisonous gas on unarmed civilians, murdering hundreds of women and children.

"Assad just keeps giving excuses for breaking promises and compliance requirements, while using the delay to increase his brutality against the Syrian people," says Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla). "As I have said repeatedly, there are concrete actions that we should be taking immediately, rather than placing our hope in endless negotiations and counterproductive agreements with a mass murderer."

Amidst the firestorm of controversy, Syrian released a new schedule to handover the weapons in February.

"Literally yesterday, the Syrians announced that they have planned the removal of a large shipment of chemical weapons in February," Gennady Gatilov said in an interview with the Russian state news agency.

The Obama administration has also voiced frustration. Last week, Press Secretary Jay Carney said they will keep up the pressure for the Assad regime to deliver on its promise.

The official deadline to have all weapons disposed from Syria is June 30.