Swedish Artist Who Created ‘Gay Jesus’ Says She'd ‘Never Do Gay Mohammed’

That's brave.

Self-described Swedish "artist" Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin is busy creating thought-provoking works, like her latest installation in which Jesus is depicted as a transvestite. Wow. That's really daring, poking fun at Jesus and Christianity like that. No one has ever dared venture into such foreign territory before, but as an artist, sometimes you have to push the envelope, right?

So how about Wallin do the same installation featuring Islam's prophet Muhammad? Oh no. Not a chance. 

WeaselZippers translated a portion of the Swedish-language report: 

The so-called visual artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin is back with her controversial exhibition Ecce Homo, in which Jesus is produced as a transvestite. She will exhibit at this year’s Pride Festival. But some similar exhibition about the Prophet Muhammad does not come from her side.
“I will never do an Ecce Muhammad,” said Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin. […] 

Sjöberg compares the entire Pride culture with idolatry in the Bible where the people began to worship the sexual goddess Astarte, who totally rejects Jesus.

Some similar exhibition, where the Prophet Muhammad is produced as gay and transvestite, Pride seems to have not invested.


– I will never do an Ecce Muhammad. Partly because Muslims do not portray their god as we do in Christianity, partly because of the obvious risk that it will only be even more wrong. It’s a big area and so far I can not do it enough to use it in my image creation, “she told the 2009 Focus newspaper .

But we thought Islam is a religion of peace so what does the artist have to fear? It's all about embracing tolerance for Leftists until it comes putting their own necks on the line -- literally.