Sweden's First Atheist Cemetery Bans All Religious Symbols

Here lies Western Christianity...

The first "atheist cemetery" in Sweden has opened and will not be welcoming religious symbols of any kind.

"The new graveyard has a strict policy banning religious symbols of any sort," reports Breitbart, even though "the man who came up with the idea, Josef Erdem, said he proposed the project because he wanted people to 'decide for themselves what their graves should look like.'"

That won't be the case here. Christians and Jews hoping to place a Cross or Star of David on their tombstone will be looking elsewhere. The cemetery has not stated if the same policy will apply to the growing Sweden's growing Muslim population, and something tells us they might be willing to make an exception there. 

Ironically – and this truly shows just how spineless Christianity has become in the Western world – the graveyard's upkeep will be managed by... wait for it... the Church of Sweden. You heard that right. Western Christianity has become so utterly feckless that they now manage graveyards that won't let them express their beliefs. 

To put that lunacy into perspective, it would be the equivalent of blacks wiping the mouths of thirsty pedestrians at a "Whites Only" drinking fountain. 

Thank you, sir. May I have another?

As noted by Breitbart, Sweden has become the "least religious nation in the Western world." Roughly 80 percent of Swedes identify as "not religious" or "convinced atheists," according to a recent Gallup International poll.

This "convinced" atheism hasn't done much to stem the growing Islamization of Western Europe thanks to the mass migration of Muslims crashing the party, given that the Swedish birthrate has dropped below replacement level and the migrants are not assimilating as Swedes.

"The [Muslim] no-go zones exist, contrary to blanket mainstream media denial and demonization of anyone who dares to say that they do exist," said activist Pamela Geller. "These are areas where Muslims respect only the Shariah, not the law of the land. And they’re growing."