Sweden Protecting Asylum Seekers After One Allegedly Beheads Victim Inside IKEA

IKEA responds by stopping knife sales

It was a horrific scene in IKEA's largest superstore in Sweden this week as a mother and son were both stabbed and killed in the kitchenwares section of the store by an Eritrean asylum seeker who was soon to be deported.

Authorities aren't revealing too many details about the crime, but they have responded by beefing up security at all of the government-provided asylum housing. The IKEA store has also responded by ceasing the sale of kitchen knives.

What is known is that a 36-year-old Northeast African man entered the IKEA in Sweden, grabbed a kitchen knife from a store shelf and killed a 55-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son. The man is described as an asylum seeker and had met the day before with immigration officials who issued him a deportation order. After the killings, the suspect stabbed himself in the stomach but survived.

Additional reports are surfacing that allege that one of the victims was beheaded, yet police have not yet confirmed that or stated any political or religious motivations behind the murders. Those reports also suggest that customers heard the killer shout "Allah Akbar" during the attack.

Reuters is reporting that Sweden has actually boosted security at all of its asylum facilities to protect seekers from "backlash" for the killings. The Associated Foreign Press notes that Eritreans make up the largest group of asylum seekers in the country. There are currently 18,000 living in Sweden and thousands more are expected every year.

IKEA told the media that the store will "temporarily" halt the sale of kitchen knives. That should match well with IKEA's general policy of being a gun-free zone.

Careful consideration of this story shows that America does not stand alone as a sanctuary haven for illegal aliens, nor does it stand alone in the violence that status brings.