Sweden Dealing with its Own Apparent Coverup of Mass Sexual Assaults

"We need to deal with such a serious problem.”

As Germany still reels from its New Year's Eve mass sexual assaults and a police coverup in Cologne and other cities, Sweden’s prime minister has called claims of similar events at a youth festival in Stockholm “a double betrayal” of women and a “big democratic problem,” according to FT.com.

Swedish national police commissioner has promised an urgent investigation into as-yet unconfirmed claims that a gang of about 50 youths — reportedly mostly from Afghanistan — groped and molested girls as young as 11 or 12 at the We Are Sthlm festival in both 2014 and 2015. The sexual assaults in one case constituted possible rape. 

FT.com reports that an internal police report last year stated that “the problem of young men rubbing themselves up against young girls returned as in previous years.” But when Stockholm police made a public statement on the festival, it said there had been “relatively few crimes.”

Referring to the accusation of a coverup, Peter Agren, in charge of policing at the festival, said, “This is a sore point. We sometimes dare not to say how it is because we think it might play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.”

The Sweden Democrats are an increasingly popular anti-immigration party that has led the criticism. Mattias Karlsson, head of the Sweden Democrats’ parliamentary group, called for Sweden’s police chief to resign. Bjorn Soder, a senior Sweden Democrats MP, added:

“It is a scandal without equal. This must be investigated immediately. Could this be something that happened at several locations in the country, that they do not bother to tell you certain things because it could ‘play into the hands of a particular party’?”

Stefan Lofven, Sweden’s centre-left prime minister, said on Monday, “We shall not close our eyes and look away. We need to deal with such a serious problem.”

Sweden has taken in more "refugees" than any other European country relative to population size. It is now the rape capital of Europe.