Suspect Behind Racist Threats at University Identified as... Black Activist

We're shocked, shocked.

Another day, another race hoax.

In mid-November, students gathered at Kean University in New Jersey to stand in solidarity with the "Black Lives Matter" protests happening at the University of Missouri. One of the participants was a Kean alum who graduated in May.

Kayla-Simone McKelvey, 24, a self-proclaimed black activist, stood next to other students during the rally but ducked out midway through, according to Police believe that the recent graduate then went to the university library and created an anonymous Twitter account, @keanuagainstblk, adding to its description that it is an account "against blacks" and "for everyone who hates blacks people." [sic] Apparently bored with attending an uneventful demonstration described as "peaceful," McKelvey ramped up the moment by sending her first "anonymous" tweet: a bomb threat to the campus.

She sent other messages as well, threatening to shoot black students:

i will kill every black male and female at kean university

Police say she returned to the rally and started spreading the word that she "discovered" threats against black students. It is stated at that McKelvey sent messages from her personal Twitter account later that night with pictures from the rally along with screenshots of the threats.

McKelvey, a personal trainer who received her degree in Global Fitness and Wellness from Kean, is charged with third-degree creating a false public alarm and is scheduled to appear in court on December 14. While a student, McKelvey also stirred up trouble by organizing a demonstration in attempt to accuse the Student Organization and a psychology professor of racism. But in the end, there was no evidence to back up her claim.

Kean President Dawood Farahi released a statement online that condemned the alum's actions, while at the same time praised alumnus who have helped promote social justice:

[T]he individual who sent the abhorrent tweets two weeks ago has been identified and charged.  

We are saddened to learn that the person allegedly responsible was an active participant in the rally that took place on campus on Tuesday, November 17 and is a former student of Kean. As a diverse academic community, we wholeheartedly respect and support activism, however, no cause or issue gives anyone the right to threaten the safety of others. We hope this information will begin to bring a sense of relief and security to the campus community. 

Kean remains a place of diversity, of openness to all. These horrible tweets tried to tear us apart and tarnish our reputation, but they have failed.

We are deeply grateful to faculty, students and staff who have worked hard over the years to make our campus one of the most racially diverse campuses in this country, and to our alumni whose support have made possible our ongoing efforts to promote social justice and human rights.