Study: Palin Helped McCain

Palin-hating media: Wrong again.

Sarah Palin was actually a driving force for John McCain gaining traction in his 2008 presidential campaign, according to a new study from Bradley University.

As NewsBustersNoel Sheppard points out, despite over five years of consistent media reports to the contrary, the Alaska governor was not a ticket drag. In fact, the new study systematically refutes a published study from 2011 that concluded Palin was a major factor in McCain's loss.

The positive relationship between McCain vote choice and feelings for Palin is not conditional on party identification or ideology. Not only is there no negative effect for independent voters on feelings toward Palin, there is no meaningful difference between Republicans and independents on how feelings toward Palin affected McCain vote choice. Our analysis reaches a different conclusion from the original paper; we find that the positive relationship between the Palin feeling thermometer and the likelihood of voting for McCain does not depend on a voter‘s ideology or party affiliation. Therefore the results call into question the major conclusions of the paper; Palin did not have a negative effect on McCain‘s vote share overall, nor did she result in eroded support for McCain among critical 'swing voters' such as independents and moderates.

The liberal media, along with the usual celebrities, make it a point to collectively gang-up on Palin in various and, sometimes, coprophagous ways. From Cher calling her a "dumb c*@%"… to Martin Bashir advising to "p*ss" and "s**t" in her mouth, these progressives live to mute the fact that she is a well-liked figure for many because of her pro-America ideals. In fact, a popular T-shirt after the election was "I voted for Palin, not McCain."

But as usual, this study will fall on deaf ears in the media as it flies in the face of their "conventional wisdom."