Students for Justice in Palestine in New Orleans Promotes Bigoted Political Agenda

On Thursday, Students For Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of New Orleans (UNO) put on display a display featuring the alleged names of young Arabs that were killed “assault on Gaza” this past summer. The group claimed that Israel was responsible for the deaths, even though Hamas used children as human shields to achieve their racist objective of destroying the only Jewish state and constructing upon it a Jew-free Islamic caliphate. In their display, SJP also made light of the misery inflicted upon the children of Gaza by terrorists by neglecting the crimes committed against them by Hamas and its affiliates and instead opting to solely target Israel.

 “It’s actually sad,” said Chloé Valdary, president of Allies of Israel at UNO. “There is a need to have a real conversation about children and all innocent civilians in Gaza because their lives matter and we must work to ensure that their welfare is protected. Unfortunately SJP doesn’t really care about them. It plays right into the hands of Hamas’s political strategy by pretending to lament the deaths of children, while simultaneously promoting the very regime which put these children in harms way in the first place, namely Hamas. Hamas does not care about its people. It rules by brutal fiat, suppresses political dissension, imprisons women, gays, and other minorities, and has conscripted children for its military purposes — forcing them to build terror tunnels used to attack Israel.”

Hamas, a terrorist organization condemned whose mission is to slaughter every Jewish man, woman, and child on the face of the earth, has its mission clearly written in its charter, Hamas goes to great lengths to ensure this mission is carried out — even if that means murdering its own people in the process.