Students For Justice In Palestine Hijack Black Narrative And Confirm They Hate America

"We want to fight for a greater justice that empowers us all, and breaks down police militarism, Zionism, and white supremacist racism through mutual love and respect."

In a press release issued on Monday, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), an anti-Semitic campus group that demonizes Israel, hijacked the black historical narrative and attempted to create a link between the situation in Ferguson, MO and Israel.

"As the steering committee of National Students for Justice in Palestine, we express our condolences and solidarity with those affected by the killing of Mike Brown, and condemn police violence throughout the United States," the group began. "We are students of all backgrounds from every region of the nation, who are committed to combating all forms of supremacy, racism and discrimination in our solidarity work to support human rights, self-determination and liberation of Palestinian land and life."

SJP then attacked America as an inherently bigoted and racist country, leveling a number of unfounded allegations:

No community should have to endure what the black community has endured in America, let alone still suffer at the hands of oppressive institutions that police blackness and impose guilt without reason. The lives of young black folks should not be dehumanized by those who are meant to serve our communities. The history of police and watch groups in the United States indicates that the protection of black lives has never been a serious concern. The legacies of this history have seen black people controlled, beaten, unfairly and disproportionately incarcerated, repressed while protesting and killed. Justice, transparency and accountability remain delayed.

In accordance with their leftist agenda, the anti-Israel group then condemned violence of all kind and attacked "white supremacist racist violence" that they believe to be inherent to America:

Therefore, we wholeheartedly stand in solidarity with the black community. Militarized and violent police tactics in present-day America have laid too many young black souls to rest. Black people have suffered at the hands of white supremacist racist violence since before America’s founding. The legacy of institutional injustice has persisted for far too long, and is time for it to change.

We’ve been inspired by the activism that has taken place throughout the nation in response to Mike Brown’s death. At rallies and vigils, we’ve heard critical words that stressed the work we have cut out for us all. Through social media, we shared the injustice in Ferguson, and now, we follow the black community towards challenging militarized policing, improving police accountability, and eliminating anti-black racism.

Naturally, violence from the internationally recognized terrorist group Hamas remains uncondemmned by the organization.

SJP then attacked Zionism and the state of Israel while attempting to liken the riots of Missouri to Palestinian violence against Israeli soliders:

We stand alongside the black community and pledge our ongoing efforts to end such injustices. It is our moral obligation to contribute all that we can to aid our black sisters and brothers in solidarity. Our struggles are connected, underscored by the unified police trainings between St. Louis County Police and the Israeli Defense Forces. This has eliminated any delineation between local and military tactics. Tear gas, MRAPs, rubber bullets and flashbang grenades do not belong in communities of color. Drones and “no fly-zones” should not exist in Ferguson nor over occupied Palestinian land. Police do not need assault rifles and military grade weapons to protect and serve US citizens. We will be safest when our communities are safe from violence and discrimination at the hands of the state.

We want to fight for a greater justice that empowers us all, and breaks down police militarism, Zionism, and white supremacist racism through mutual love and respect . Injustice against black people is not just a Black issue. Injustice against Palestinian people is not just a Palestinian issue. These are human issues that should concern us all. Only through perceiving the interconnectedness of our struggles, can we unite and empower ourselves and our vision for a better world that does not dehumanize Black people, Palestinians, or anyone.

On campus, SJP regularly bullies and harasses pro-Israel students and chants genocidal chants against the Jewish state.

Chloe Valdary, who penned "To the Students for Justice in Palestine, a Letter From an Angry Black Woman," which took issue with their misuse of black history, told TruthRevolt, "It is no surprise that SJP is culturally appropriating the struggle of African-Americans. This is what they do. They lie and defame. The irony is that many of the freedom fighters in our people's history were unashamed Zionists. W.E.B. Dubois -- co-founder of the NAACP and first African-American to obtain a doctorate -- was a supporter of Zionism. He stated, 'The African movement means to us what the Zionist movement must mean to the Jews.' 10 days before his assassination Dr. King also reaffirmed his support for Israel at a Rabbinical Assembly."

"Many more of our historic leaders have supported Israel's right to exist, unlike SJP. But what is perhaps worse than SJP's deliberate inversion of my people's history is that they are hypocrites. They claim to care about police brutality and racism against blacks, but have justified and even praised Hamas's existence -- a racist genocidal organization hell-bent on murdering Jews."