Steve Deace Produces Conservative Answer to ‘Rules for Radicals

"Time is running out on American exceptionalism."

Since the early 70s when Saul Alinsky published Rules for Radicals (1971), many on the Left have turned to his 12 rules for guidance on how to win the political and cultural war. Obama’s reliance on Alinsky’s teaching has brought Alinsky’s Rules into the public forum more than ever over the last six years. Steve Deace, conservative political writer and nationally-syndicated radio personality, has taken up the challenge to produce a conservative answer to Alinsky’s influential work.

Deace’s Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again presents itself as a long-due answer to a desperate call for political and cultural change in America:

Time is running out on American exceptionalism. The light of liberty is flickering. At no point since we still had the Redcoats on our shores has freedom been more imperiled. This time it's not an invading foreign power that threatens us, but our own government gone wild - unhinged from its Constitutional limits.

Many great books have been written about what we should believe and why, or why the Left's beliefs are flawed, but never before has a book been written that shows how to do what we believe.

Deace's book is based around ten rules for conservatives running for political office, what he calls “Deace’s 10 Commandments of Political Warfare.” David Limbaugh, author of the book’s preface, describes the book is a “how to” for conservatives and Republicans based on “the Biblical injunction that we be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves,” stating that Deace makes clear how conservatives can be “as savvy and effective as Clinton war room thugs without adopting their amoral tactics.”

One of Deace’s primary emphases is that conservatives must not only be ready for immediate on the ground political action for conservative campaigns, but they must also be in it for the long game, the long-term strategy of winning back the culture and the educational sphere, arguing that politics is downstream of culture and not the other way around. Deace also argues that the fight against liberalism is not merely political, but at its core a moral struggle.

The book received strong endorsements from Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, and Dean Clancy, Vice President of Public Policy at FreedomWorks.