State Dept.: Hillary Received $500K in Jewelry from Saudi King

Gifts were accepted to avoid "awkward moments."

The State Department revealed on Thursday that Hillary Clinton received $500,000 in jewelry from Saudi Arabian King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and received $58,000 worth of jewelry from Brunei.

Other gifts to Clinton include a $560 bottle of cognac from Russia's Vladimir Putin.

The New York Daily News reports, "The Constitution prohibits U.S. government employees from keeping presents worth more than $350. But officials at the U.S. General Services Administration said the gifts were accepted to avoid awkward moments."

Other gifts of note include "an autographed basketball from Chinese President Xi Jiping and a 41-inch saber from Mongolia" given to President Obama.

Vice President Joe Biden received a "bare-breasted female bust" from Liberia.

The GSA says that some of the gifts were donated and some of the gifts were sold to the public.