Starbucks #RaceTogether Brings Americans Together In Mockery

HIlarity ensues.

Starbucks' amazing plan to heal racial divides in America through the magic of barista conversation has been met with a less than enthusiastic response this week. From #hashtag humor to serious articles, from parodies to prime time news, #RaceTogether is largely a flop right out of the starting block. 

The above clip from The Blaze TV's Dana, while strictly parody, isn't hard to imagine happening in the real world, as the absurd idea of being lectured by your caffeine dealer takes shape in the public mind. The very notion that there is some greater healing to be had from strangers being intruded on by nosy 20-somethings slinging cappuccino is the kind of story that has to be predicated with "Not The Onion" to even get people to realize this is a thing that people are trying to do on purpose while conscious and not under duress.

What could go wrong? So goes the refrain. As Truth Revolt reported earlier, a lot, as demonstrated in an hilarious awkward moment on All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC Tuesday night. Here's a shorter version of the clip, via Digitas Daily.