St. Louis Store Deemed 'Racist' For Asking Customers To Remove Hoodies

Following the Michael Brown case, racial tensions in St. Louis have continued to mount, this time at a chain of local Family Dollar stores where storeowners have been labeled "racist" for demanding all customers remove their hoodies before entering the store. 

After the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman fallout, the hoodie became a popularized icon among race hustlers to symbolize white prejudice toward black youths. In effect, no one can now stigmatize the hoodie because black youths might feel offended.

The stores did not invent the rule without cause, but acted in reaction to several robberies and a violent shooting at two store locations. By banning the hoodie, security cameras will have better opportunity to profile shoplifters and other violent offenders. Unfortunately, that logic fell on deaf ears to some of the local residents. Family Dollar Corporate, hoping to maintain political correctness, agreed with them and released the following statement:

The Family Dollar headquarters was initially unaware of the hood ban and has begun an internal investigation into the matter. It is not Company policy to ask our customers to remove hoods or sweatshirts before entering our stores.

However, some people have come to the storeowners' defense, voicing their opinions on Twitter.