Soviet-Born Candidate Gets Approval From Paul and Lee

"They stand firm for freedom, for those principles of individual liberty"

In Sacramento, Igor Birman is a Republican, endorsed by Rand Paul and Mike Lee, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Ami Bera for his seat in Congress. Birman was born in Moscow and if he wins the seat, would become the first ever Russian-born immigrant to become a member of Congress. 

He talked to Fox News about freedom and why it's important:

As the elites in Washington abandon freedom as the cornerstone of America's public policy, we see all of these academic and acrimonious debates. To me, though, this matter is personal. Freedom is very personal to me. I've lived in a society where freedom was denied to just about everyone but the elites. 

He discussed the NSA, IRS, immigration, and the Russian/Ukraine crisis:

You don't have to be a Republican or Democrat to dislike the NSA snooping through your private and intimate records. You don't have to be a Republican or a Democrat to realize that the most feared agencies in government, like the IRS, should not be harassing ordinary Americans for simply disagreeing. There are a lot of issues that transcend party politics these days.

Birman has a long and tough path to win his Congressional seat.  Besides challenging Bera, he must defeat two more prominent Republicans: former Rep. Doug Ose and 2012 Senate nominee Elizabeth Emken.  

On Paul and Lee, who Birman says, are his heroes, he said:

They stand firm for freedom, for those principles of individual liberty. Constitutionally limited government and personal responsibility. Those are the principles that are near and dear to my heart. Those are the principles I want to champion in Washington.