Source: Bill Will Not Campaign for Hillary

Aides have told the Washington Post that former President Bill Clinton will not tour the campaign trail for Hillary, because he promised only to be a "backstage advisor."

“He’s completely focused right now on the foundation,” Tina Flournoy, President Clinton’s chief of staff, told the paper. “That does not mean that he does not realize his wife is running for president. But he is not directly engaged in the campaign. As he has said before, if his advice is asked for, he’s happy to give it.”

Aides also told the Post that Bill will not do any events including fundraisers or super-PAC events. 

Some people say Clinton's negative remarks about President Obama hurt Hillary on the campaign trail in 2008. Said former Obama aide David Axelrod, “Bill Clinton is like nuclear energy. If you use it properly, it can be enormously helpful and proactive. If you misuse it, it can be catastrophic.”

We'll see how long Bill can stay out of the limelight.