SodaStream CEO Gives Amazing BDS Testimony To Congress: 'Manipulation, Violence and Destruction'

"It is an anti-Semitic, Israel-hating organization"

At a Congressional hearing on the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions), CEO of SodaStream Daniel Birnbaum gave gripping testimony that left no question about the impact of the movement on the people and businesses in Israel and the West Bank.

Legal Insurrection collected and posted video Wednesday of Birnbaum's powerful testimony.

"The BDS are in the business of manipulation, violence, and destruction," says Birnbaum, as he gives a laundry list of heinous activity taken against the company for the crime of operating an open business with fair treatment of all workers from any background.

"BDS tactics include intimidating, harassing, and threatening of our retail partners around the world. BDS activities have been vandalizing our products in stores, stickering them with hate images, throwing product on the floor, stickering, picketing, chaining themselves to the entrances to the stores, conducting violent demonstrations and flash mob events, circulating pamphlets and utilising social media to spread vile videos on YouTube, mobilizing mainstream media .. all to manimpulate our retailers to drop our product."

Legal Insurrection has more details on exactly what the consequences have been for the company:

Because it represents peace and coexistence, SodaStream has been a prime target of BDS, including failed attempts to get SodaStream commercials banned at the SuperBowl

There were attempts to force SodaStream to close its West Bank factory.

When it decided to move the production to an Israeli factory for business reasons unrelated to BDS, the BDS movement nonetheless continued to boycott SodaStream — proof positive that the complaints about a factory in the West Bank were just pretext.

They also have the full text of Birnbaum's written testimony.

SodaStream hired in the region without regard to ethnicity. There were Jews and Arabs working side by side. But the unhinged BDS movement wouldn't stand for it. The company has been targeted over and over, singled out in a way that, as one member of Congress states in the video, it would not be in any other country. "I wonder why that is," he asks.

But of course, we know why.