Socialist University Group Tries To Eject Blogger For Filming Public Meeting

"You're a f*****g piece of s**t!"

Portland-based blogger Dan Sandini was legally filming a public meeting sponsored by the International Socialist Organization when he was called a "f*****g piece of s**t" by students and organizers who tried to have him ejected before ending the meeting lest their agenda be available to the public. 

“We don’t allow known right-wing bloggers to tape our events," says on woman on the video. The group then called campus police at Portland State University to have Sandini physically removed and the responding officer informed the socialist group that Sandini had a right to be there. “It’s an open meeting,” Sergeant Robert McCleary said.

One of the individuals on the video telling McCleary to throw Sandini out was a man identified as Grant Booth, a PSU professor who taught a course on Marxism at the university.

Campus Reform has a breakdown of even more profanity and name-calling from the organization which held their ant-capitalist meeting at a tax-payer funded, public university, yet bullied and intimidated a participant and filming the proceedings for all the world to see.