Snowflake Meltdown: Chicago Students Demand University Cancel Trump Rally

This was predictable.

It comes as no shock -- Donald Trump is their worst nightmare, which is why students at the University of Illinois in Chicago are demanding school administrators ban the GOP presidential frontrunner's rally on campus Friday.

A petition demanding UIC officials cancel the Trump event has thus far garnered approximately 50,000 signatures and faculty members have published an open letter expressing safety concerns surrounding the event, according to The Daily Caller:

“We are deeply distressed that this event threatens to create a hostile and physically dangerous environment to the students, staff, faculty and alumni who come out to express their opposition,” the letter from faculty and staff read.

“The letter said professors are also “concerned by consistent reports that Trump supporters across the country have used racial slurs and attacked individuals who are members of groups that are represented, valued, and guaranteed respect and safety on our campus.”

What's more, an anti-Trump protest nearing 10,000 people is slated to show up the same time. Not surprisingly, the anti-Trump effort is being joined by Congressman Luis Gutierrez. 

The Chicago Democrat cited all the usual reasons for leading a protest, including perceived bigotry in the Trump campaign and among its supporters. 

"We say no to all of that hatred and bigotry," Gutierrez said. 

Fortunately, university officials have not capitulated and intend to proceed with the Trump rally as scheduled:

“It has been our standard practice for decades to rent available space on campus to any political candidate when requested,” UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis explained in a statement. “As a result, we have a long history of campaign events on campus, and no legal basis to exclude any candidate because of the views he or she expresses.”

He insisted that “security plans are in place to address the safety of our campus community during this event.”

As if "legalities" matter to social justice warriors who will stop at nothing to stifle free speech, even that of a United States presidential contender.