SiliConMan: Anti-Obama Street Artists Strike Silicon Valley

Anti-Obama street art appeared Monday night in Silicon Valley, where President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are scheduled to speak at yet another $32,000 per-couple fundraiser with California's rich and powerful on Wednesday.

In one series, titled SiliConMan, the president is pictured in a fedora, smoking a cigarette and winking. The text reads, "Leading from behind, fundraising in your face."

Another series plays on the classic iPod advertisements from Silicon Valley juggernaut Apple Computers and features President Obama's silhouette holding an NSA listening device under the mock brand name "iSnoop." 

Other posters see the president holding a map of Silicon Valley alongside his famous quote, "You didn't build that."

In addition to the posters, a mocking faux-invitation was mailed to all of the Los Altos Hills neighbors of the fundraiser's host, restaurateur and real estate broker George Marcus, inviting them to "A Feast in Time of Plague." 

The street artists posted more photos of their satirical campaign in an anonymous online gallery. They can be found here:

This is not the first time renegade street artists have spoken truth to Democrat power. On Tuesday, posters appeared around the Los Angeles home of Shonda Rhimes, the producer of the TV show Scandal who is hosting the scandal-ridden Obama for still another high-dollar fundraiser while he is on the West Coast.