Shouting Barbara Walters Defends Woody Allen Against Dylan Farrow

“She is supposedly very angry, but she is doing it now because he’s up for an award."

On Monday, the ladies of The View discussed Dylan Farrow’s open letter to Woody Allen regarding her allegations that he molested her in an attic when she was seven years old. Incredibly, Barbara Walters went out of her way to defend Allen. She said, “Let me just say a couple things. First of all, the statute of limitations, by the way, if you say ‘Shouldn’t you press charges,’ is over.”

She then read a letter from Allen’s lawyer, and added, “I know Mia [Farrow], I have a good relationship with her, but I’ve been with Woody many times, with his two daughters, he’s got almost a 20-year-old marriage with Soon Yi, which started as a sensation, it’s a solid marriage. He has two children, two girls…I have really seen a father as sensitive and as loving and as caring as Woody is and Soon Yi to this two girls. I don’t know about Dylan, I can only tell you what I’ve seen now…I think that has to be said.”

When Jenny McCarthy said that Dylan had nothing to gain by making this an issue, Walters jumped in, and said, “She is supposedly very angry, but she is doing it now because he’s up for an award. So the question is does your personal life interfere with the awards.”

Sherri Shepherd then suggested that many criminals had people who thought they were wonderful human beings. Walters objected again: “That’s not what I’m saying!...How do you judge people? You judge people primarily by being with them, by seeing them. The fact that he ‘likes younger women,’ that has nothing to do –“

That’s when Shepherd jumped in again and reminded Walters that Soon Yi was not of age when Woody Allen began dating her. Again, Walters defended Allen: “You have no idea what he did…it’s unfair.” She insisted that was fine because she they eventually married. “There are people in relationships where there are children who were adopted who do not see them in the same way,” Walters stated.

After setting up the story for discussion, Whoopi Goldberg, who once defended Roman Polanski's sex with a minor (he pled guilty to those charges), was silent. She had defended Polanski with these infamous words: "I know it wasn't rape-rape. It was something else but I don't believe it was rape-rape. He went to jail and and when they let him out he was like "You know what this guy's going to give me a hundred years in jail I'm not staying,' so that's why he left."