Shooting in Manhattan: Gunman in Custody

"He had two guns. We thought it was a Halloween thing."

A gunman firing from his truck into a crowd has killed at least two people in lower Manhattan on Tuesday, The New York Post reports. Some news outlets are reporting as many as six have been killed and eleven wounded.

The incident took place near Stuyvesant High School, where the shooter ran over pedestrians, crashed into a schoolbus, then exited the vehicle and began shooting, according to witnesses. A 14 year-old Stuyvesant student told the Post:

What happened was there was a car crash… he came out of one of the cars. He had two guns. We thought it was a Halloween thing. He started running around the highway. There was another guy in a green shirt that was chasing him around.

The New York Daily News reports that one man is in custody following the incident. 

This is a developing story.