SHOCK: Woman Confronts Former Middle School Teacher Over Sex Abuse

Online video captures the moment

A California woman in her late 20s has accused a former middle school teacher of sexually abusing her when she was 12 years old. The entire confrontation, done over the phone, was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube. The video quickly went viral.

The woman in the video called her alleged female abuser at a California high school, where she was an assistant principle. After the school received the video, she resigned. There are no official charges but an investigation is underway. 

The abused woman asks in the video, "Do you realize that you brainwashed me and manipulated me and that what you did was wrong?" The female abuser replied, "Yes. And I regret it." 

The young woman explained that her childhood was ruined and that the abuse caused her to have many issues. The former teacher simply muttered, "I just wanted to help you."

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