SHOCK! Networks Devoted 35 Minutes to Bridgegate, Zero to Benghazi

Mainstream networks devoted thirty five minutes of coverage to Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal on Monday and Tuesday, but exactly zero minutes to the incendiary report from James Rosen revealing that the Obama Administration knew within the first fifteen minutes of the assault on the American compound in Benghazi, Lybia on September 11, 2012 that that assault was in fact a terrorist attack and not a spontaneous demonstration as the President's team would go on to claim.

This shocking revelation was made by Fox News Media Analyst Bernie Goldberg in an appearance on The Kelly File Wednesday.

So how did the media cover this, right? 35 minutes on the networks on Monday and Tuesday when this story broke, 35 minutes on the George Washington Bridge traffic jam, and zero, zero time on Benghazi. And no major newspaper covered it either.

As the conversation shifted to the scathing Senate Intelligence Committee report on Benghazi released on Wednesday which lays blame for the lax security at the compound firmly on then Secretary Hillary Clinton's State Department, Host Megyn Kelly questioned Goldberg on whether the media would cover the damaging Clinton story with the same gusto they have applied to the current Christie scandal. After all, she suggests, both are widely considered to be the front runners for their respective party's nomination for president.

Shouldn't there be an equal approach to going after it with fervor on both sides?

Not a chance, says Goldberg. Why?

...the media isn't worried about being evenhanded...

According to Goldberg, the American people just don't care about Benghazi.