Shock Democrat Ad: Minority Kids Chased by White Man Flying Confederate Flag on Truck

Yes, because racist white men are lurking in their trucks, waiting to murder children.

The Latino Victory Project has released a sickening political ad aimed at Donald Trump and the candidacy of Republican Ed Gillespie who is now running for governor of Virginia. Showing that the Democratic Party has nothing left but fear-mongering, the shocking ad shows black, Latino, and Muslim kids in peril as a white man hunts them down with his Confederate flag-flying truck.

It starts out innocently enough, as young minority kids are playing in the park and walking home from school… until the roar of a diesel engine and the flapping of a Confederate flag disturbs the serenity. A white man in dark clothing looks sinisterly from the driver’s seat toward a young boy running for dear life. The engine revs again and the boy yells for others to run. A closeup of the truck shows a Gillespie bumpersticker and images of the Gadsden flag. The truck stays in hot pursuit as the panicked children try and find a way to escape the impending doom. But just as the headlights reach the children who are pinned in by a tall chain-link fence, it’s revealed that it was only a dream. A voiceover breathlessly states:

“Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the American Dream?”

This is Democratic propaganda in its lowest form, proving the party has nothing to offer but hysteria.