Sheriff Clarke: 'Everything Is A**-Backwards in the Country Right Now'

Rioting = protesting, cops = bad, crooks = victims.

“We’re looking at rioting and we’re calling that protesting. The cops are the bad guys, the crooks are the victims now."Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr told Sean Hannity that everything in this country seems to be backwards. Do you agree?

Posted by Fox News on Monday, March 14, 2016

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke made the perfect analogy on Fox News Monday evening, telling host Sean Hannity that America has reversed the order of so many things that the country is beginning to have no semblance of its former greatness.

"Sean, everything is ass-backwards in the country, right now," Clarke said. "We're looking at rioting, we're calling it protesting. The cops are the bad guys, the crooks are the victims now."

When it comes to free speech, Clarke adds, "Everything that’s said when one wants to express themselves has to be put through an approval meter."

Clarke's response was largely a reaction to the chaos caused by demonstrations in Chicago last Friday that led to the cancelation of a Donald Trump rally. But the sheriff has been speaking out against the current mindset of many in America for some time now. He told Hannity:

This is a totalitarian movement. It's very stealth, okay? I know who these people are, I've seen it. 

This is a conglomeration of misfits: You have cop-haters, you have anarchists, you have criminals, you have some rowdy juveniles, you have organized labor.

Though Clarke believes there are some who appear to have good intentions, he believes they are being exploited and paraded in front of cameras to do someone else's dirty work.

"This is an attempt to shut down free speech," Clark continued. "These presidential activities are part of our democratic process. The people who showed up in Chicago had every right under the Constitution to participate in this election process and they were denied."

Proving Clarke's assessment exactly correct were these students who spoke with Fox News from Chicago, disappointed that they couldn't participate in the process and listen for themselves to what a leading presidential candidate had to say:



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