Sheriff Clarke Denounces Beyonce's Super Bowl Black Panther Chic

“The Black Panthers are a subversive hate group in America.”

CNS News reports that Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke denounced pop superstar Beyonce for her shameful Super Bowl halftime performance Sunday, in which she and her troupe of backup dancers paid tribute to the criminal Black Panthers and the radical Black Lives Matter movement.

On Fox Business Live Monday, reporter Jo Ling Kent asked the outspoken Clarke, who happens to be black, his thoughts on Beyonce's performance and the accompanying video she released Saturday for her new single "Formation." That video used provocative imagery about the Hurricane Katrina debacle in New Orleans, and in apparent support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sheriff Clarke replied,

“Well, I try not to overreact to these things, and I don't want to give this thing any more play than it's already getting. Look, musicians have long used their music, their trade, to make political statements in their music. We may not like it, but I don't want to make a huge deal about it.

“Them coming out, Beyonce in those Black Panther-type uniforms... Would that be acceptable if a band, a white band, came out in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion? We would be appalled and outraged. The Black Panthers are a subversive hate group in America. I think she could have done a better job.”

Just further confirmation why Clarke was justifiably declared 2015 Man of the Year by the Horowitz Freedom Center's FrontPage Magazine.