Sharpton on Texas Storms: “Is this a rebuke from God?”

"We’ve done it to ourselves."

The Reverend Al Sharpton is best known these days for his work as a “civil rights activist”—and a tax cheat. But Sharpton is not above some good ol' fire-and-brimstone-style preaching.

Speaking on his syndicated radio program, Sharpton hypothesized that the recent severe storms in Texas and Oklahoma which resulted in extreme flooding and at least 19 deaths are the work of a vengeful god. Or possibly climate change.  

Sharpton queried his audience:

All of the storms, the tornadoes, the flooding in Texas. Is this a rebuke from God, which many callers said today it is. And others are saying it is just a natural result of man using fossil fuels and abusing the environment — and it’s climate change, global warning. We’ve done it to ourselves.

Sharpton also sent out a tweet urging listeners to consider the question:



Interestingly, he later sent out a second tweet appearing to distance himself from his earlier musings: "Interesting dialogue on my radio show QOTD abt the #TexasFlooding.Though I don't agree w/ many,the discussion must continue." Sharpton concluded this message with instructions to "Tune in weekdays."

As the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross points out, Sharpton neglected to mention the most likely culprit for the storms—“a particularly severe turn in the natural weather cycle.”  Perhaps that theory wasn’t quite so good for his ratings.