Sharpton Still Losing the Teleprompter Wars

But he's trying, By Jod.

Today on Politics Nation, Al Sharpton's ongoing teleprompter war turned against him once again, as he doubled up on errors in a matter of just a few minutes. For the record, the word giddy is pronounced the way the word gif ought to be, with a hard G. But since it's not his first run-in with this particular word, perhaps he can avoid an esckewlation and just switch to something different altogether. May we recommend "slaphappy"? 

Of course, that wasn't the day's only senior ...  

... moment. Does losing telemprompter battles mean you should automatically think Sharpton is wrong on the issues? Not at all. It's his thoughts, ideas, opinions, and policy positions that mean you should think that. Not to mention plain old-fashioned jood sense.