'Sex and the City' Star 'Terrified' for Her Black Daughter After Trump Win

Liberal hysteria, Exhibit #3,753

This is the year in which liberal hysteria reached all-time new heights -- or depths, depending on how you look at it.

Actress Kristin Davis, who played spoiled Manhattanite Charlotte York Goldenblatt on Sex and the City, the long-running HBO series about four sexpots looking for true love in New York City, recently confessed to her "white privilege" and explained that she is filled "with terror" for her 5-year-old adopted black daughter after Donald Trump's election victory.

As reported in the New York Daily News, Davis, 51, told the crowd at a recent event held at The Greene Space in New York City,

“I am white. I have lived in white privilege. I thought I knew before adopting my daughter that I was in white privilege, that I understood what that meant. But until you actually have a child, which is like your heart being [outside of you] and that heart happens to be in a brown body, and you have people who are actively working against your child, it’s hard."

The former star said she saw a lot of racism growing up in South Carolina and stated she's on "an intense learning curve" (learning about what, is unclear) since Trump was declared President-elect.

“Right now I want to be in the bubble. I don’t want to talk to any Trump people,” she told the crowd. We strongly suspect that Ms. Davis has been in the liberal bubble for a long time, and probably never has spoken with any "Trump people," or at least, no one who has admitted to it.

"My initial thoughts [after the election] was that I wanted to move to the woods and learn to shoot a gun. The fear of what is happening and how am I going to make sure that no one hurts my child, even in a subtle way, which was already a fear I had honestly, but it just became so, so heightened.”

This paranoia that white America under Trump is going to unleash racist rage on Americans of color is positively insane, but we're going to see a lot more of it before it's over, because the left has no effective way to combat Trump except to pull out all the stops in its fear-mongering about race.

And as the election proved, not even the race card is effective for the left anymore.