Senator Boxer Uses Long Discredited Claim As Global Warming Scare Tactic

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) blamed hurricane Sandy and the California drought on global warming during a Tuesday appearance on Jansing &Co.

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) blamed hurricane Sandy and the California drought on global warming during a Tuesday appearance on Jansing &Co. Even though those claims have been long discredited, the host did not challenge the Senator.

The segment began with host Chris Jansing playing a clip from a Mitch McConnell floor speech about the all-night global warming talk session held by some Democratic Party Senators. 


Tonight you're going to hear 30 hours of excuses from a group of people who think that's okay, that that's just okay that we have a depression in Appalachia. Well, it's not okay. It's cruel.


The argument is, that it's cruel, but it doesn't make any sense because there isn't a bill out there, you're just talking for the sake of talking. Why do this? What do you think you accomplish?


Well, let me tell you what's cruel. What's cruel is Hurricane Sandy. What's cruel is the drought that is hurting our people so much. What's cruel is all these impacts that are happening along the beaches and the erosion and to our way of life, and what we saw through the night when the Republicans just stayed away from us, what we saw through the night is that all across our great nation, whether it's both coasts or it's the South or it's the Midwest, middle of the country, everybody is struggling. Whether it's the problem with the fisheries in Washington State or in Maine, that's what's cruel. And Mitch McConnell is walking away from this in the face of 98% of the scientists who say climate change is real. Here's the great news, the solution is, essentially, moving to clean energy. Many, many thousands of jobs that can't be exported, good paying jobs, and the health of our people will improve, and if we put a price on carbon, we would use that revenues to make sure middle class families and the working poor families can pay that interim price, which will be a little higher for energy, but eventually go way down as we really look out into the future.

Boxer has brought up the climate change/Hurricane Sandy link before, however it is a link that has been rejected by scientists. For example:

As has already been stressed by senior scientist Martin Hoerling from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and many other scientists, no evidence exists for any influence of global warming, let alone human-caused warming, on the intensity of hurricane Sandy.

Mr. Hoerling and other scientists have knocked down Boxer's claim about the California drought.

Climate scientists admit that there has been no global warming for seventeen and a half years. If global warming caused hurricanes and droughts they would have happened back in 1997 when the earth was warming.