Sen. Dick Durbin Claims Muslims In America Feel Like They're Headed to WWII 'Internment Camps'

Here we go again...

Democrats seem incapable of processing the memo that the nation is not on the same page as they are on a range of issues. And, no matter how many times the American public attempts to alert Democrats that their leftward trajectory is of no interest, Democrats just keep doubling down. 

The Party continues to elevate its fringe members like Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren while supposedly more "mainstream" establishment members boil over with rage and hysteria over President Trump's every single move. Case in point: Sen. Dick Durbin claimed Wednesday Muslims in Americans feel no different than Japanese Americans did during WWII. 

Of course that's because Trump is apparently building internment camps this very moment. 

"So, I said to you that it is my impression in meeting with Muslim Americans in my state, families, and individuals, they are in the same state of mind today as Japanese Americans were during World War II," Durbin said. "When many were headed to internment camps."

​Durbin's comments were made during a Judiciary Committee hearing for Trump's nominee for FBI Director, Christopher Wray.

Of course the majority of American voters -- roughly 6 in 10 according to a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll -- support Trump's travel ban. But Democrats just pretend they haven't noticed.

NTK  provides the video clip above.