Second UCLA Donor Pledges Funding Cut If Administration Doesn't Condemn BDS


Fred Hecht, a proud graduate of UCLA and UCLA alumni fraternity member, donates regularly to what he calls “one of the finest universities in the country.” He was devastated, however, to learn that just last night the student government at UCLA has passed an 8-2 vote for a resolution telling the university to end all ties with Israeli companies and collaborators. The divestment resolution, BDS, is a shameful campaign led by the anti-Semitic student group, Students for Justice in Palestine, to eradicate and cripple the Israeli economy.

In a letter forwarded to the university, Hecht announced today that he would not donate further funds to the University unless it publicly rejects and condemns the proposed resolution.

Dear Mr. Shapiro:

I have been informed of,  and personally read, the disgraceful "Resolution to Divest from Companies that Violate Palestinian Human Rights" passed by the UCLA student council and am compelled to reply to the Chancellor and Regents as follows:

I am proud to be a graduate of UCLA, which I consider to be one of the finest universities in the country. It is more than dismaying that a resolution concerning "Palestinian rights" and calling for divestments of companies doing business with Israel could be passed by the student council. 

Please inform the Chancellor and Regents that I will no longer contribute any monies  to the University unless the divestment proposal is firmly and publicly rejected by the administration with appropriate words of condemnation.

I am an active member of a UCLA fraternity  alumni group. Although I am writing only for myself when I request an immediate and forceful rejection of the "Resolution", I believe my sentiments are shared by many of my fellow fraternity members and graduates of our California University system.

Thank You,

Fred Hecht

Hecht will continue to advise his fellow fraternity brothers to do the same should the BDS resolution continue to succeed.