Second Marine Attacked in D.C.: Knocked Out, Robbed, Left for Dead

On the SAME DAY that another Marine was knocked out and robbed by BLM activists.

TruthRevolt has been reporting on Marine Corps vet Sgt. Christopher Marquez who was assaulted and robbed by "Black Lives Matter" activists that called him a "racist" while he ate dinner at a Washington D.C. McDonald's on February 12. In the latest update, the two teenagers will not be charged with a hate crime, even though Marquez believes he was targeted because of his skin color.

But incredibly on the same day, it is coming to light that another Marine, 35-year-old Michael Schroeder, who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, was left for dead in Northwest D.C. after he was brutally attacked in the back of his head and robbed of less than $100. 

Police believe the incidents are unrelated and nothing has been revealed about who attacked Schroeder. At the time, he was highly intoxicated and can't remember what happened, as he was immediately knocked unconscious and hidden between two cars for an hour before paramedics arrived.

There are reports of surveillance footage showing Schroeder walking through the parking lot, but no details were released about what the footage contains, or any descriptions of the suspects. Police do not have any suspects at this time.

But though there are few details surrounding Schroeder's case, the descriptions of the attacks are eerily similar:

  • Schroeder -- attacked from behind in a parking lot, struck in the head with something very hard, skull fractures requiring staples, a severe concussion, convulsions, fevers, difficulty speaking. Robbed.
  • Marquez -- attacked from behind in a parking lot, struck in the head, knocked unconscious, head trauma, eye contusion. Robbed.

Perhaps the most pressing question is: Do veteran lives matter?