Scott Walker Shrugs Off CNN Reporter's 'Gotcha' Gay Question

"I'm going to spend my time focused on things that I do know and what I can work on."

On State of the Union Sunday, CNN's Dana Bash attempted to put Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) on the spot over an issue he was clearly uninterested in addressing: whether or not being gay is a choice. 

Bash's question followed a discussion on whether or not the Boy Scouts should ban gay leaders, which Walker was hesitant to comment on, saying he wished it wouldn't be politicized and that, ultimately, the policy should be "left up to the leaders of the Scouts." 

Bash then asked the Republican presidential candidate to state his opinion on the role choice plays in homosexuality, but Walker dismissed the issue as irrelevant to his governing priorities:

WALKER: That’s not even an issue for me to be involved in. The bottom line is, I'm going to stand up and work hard for every American regardless of who they are, no matter where they come from, no matter their background. I'm gonna fight for people — no matter whether they vote for me or not.

Clearly unsatisfied with his response, Bash pressed him further, insisting that political leaders must "understand or at least have an opinion on" the people they represent. But Walker wasn't biting on her "gotcha" question, simply responding that the issue was one which he held no real opinion on and was not part of his platform:  

WALKER: I don't have an opinion on every single issue out there. I mean to me that’s — I don't know. I don’t know the answer to that question. So I’m saying, from an opinion standpoint, I don’t know what the answer to that is. And I’m going to spend my time focused on things that I do know and what I can work on.

H/t TheBlaze. Video via Mediaite.