Scientists Create Pizza for the Army That Will Last Three Years

Scientists created a special pizza for the military in a research and development lab.

Scientists created a special pizza for the military that they say will stay fresh and edible for three years. 

Mashable reports that the scientists at the U.S. Army Natick Research, Development, and Engineering Center have figured out how to add humectants which will keep the ingredients from growing bacteria. Jill Bates, a scientist who runs the high tech lab, says the pizza has yet to be tested by most soldiers, but that it tastes like a pie you would make at home. 

Mashable notes in the piece,

Though scientists at the NSRDEC also work on developing new gear for the U.S. Army, the quest for MRE pizza remains a priority as it's one of the soldiers' most requested food items.

Once complete, the MRE style pizza will join other delicacies in the MRE family like lemon pound cake, chicken feta cheese and vegetarian chili.