Schumer Flashback: Obama ‘Deserves’ to Pick His Cabinet Without Obstruction

Well, well, well, the shoe is on the other foot, now.

Here’s another example of amnesia among Democrats showing the selective memory they engage in when it’s politically expedient. 

“We were for it before we were against it” is a popular motto among Democrats. Another might be, “When we do it, it’s okay, when Republicans do it, it’s not.” Enter Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer who sounds a lot different these days than he did four years ago.

Currently, Democrats are building a wall, of sorts, against every Cabinet pick President Trump has made. Lawmakers have gone out of their way to obstruct Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos from taking their positions in the new administration. But now that they’re officially in, the next step for Democrats is to go after their character and sow seeds of doubt in their abilities. 

But Schumer had a much different take on this tactic when Barack Obama was president and Democrats were in the majority. At the start of Obama’s second term, he accused Republicans of holding the government hostage and “paralyzing” the executive branch by moving slowly on his nominees, just like the Dems are doing now.

At that time, Schumer said:

“Just about everyone in America — Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative — believe that once you elect a president, he deserves his choices to run the executive branch.

“But a new tactic has been introduced to try to paralyze the executive branch the way they’ve paralyzed the legislative branches because they really don’t want the government to function.”

Smells ripe of hypocrisy, doesn’t it?

Nice try, Chuck, but the Internet never forgets.

H/T Legal Insurrection