Schultz: Obama Like Mandela

Schultz and panel praise Obama and Clinton during Mandela coverage.

After President Obama spoke at the White House about the passing of Nelson Mandela, Ed Schultz told his guests he saw similarities between Mandela and Obama.

Later in the breaking coverage, Schultz said he heard a log of Mandela's beliefs in Obama's speech about income equality yesterday.

Throughout the hour long, commercial free show, Schultz spoke to Joan Walsh, Andrea Mitchell, Al Sharpton, Joy Reid, Michael Eric Dyson, Charlayne Hunter Gault and James Peterson. All of the guests except Andrea Mitchell drew comparisons between Obama and Mandela and discussed how impacted President Obama was by the deceased leader. 

NBC News' Andrea Mitchell agreed that President Obama was formed by the political beliefs of Mandela and mentioned the South African leader's close relationship with Bill Clinton, calling them "political soul mates." 

Schultz directed a comment toward's Joan Walsh, 

I, I think we can hear a lot of uh, you know in Barack Obama, the President of the United States, that was Nelson Mandela.

Walsh agreed.

Yeah, yeah I think that this president has tried, against against odds uh to model reconciliation and uh you know has turned the other cheek too many times for some of his progressive allies but you know you do see in his somberness and sadness there uh the sense that he drew a lot courage and a lot of lessons from Nelson Mandela. 

Al Sharpton was also on the panel and remarked about Mandela's impact on the American civil rights movement. Joy Reid agreed with Sharpton and, during a long commentary on Mandela, noted his activism while the head of the African National Congress. was taking place in the context of the Cold War, so the Reagan administration considered them to be Marxist and terrorists and there was this fear that they were infiltrated with communism. And so they didn't have necessarily universal support.

Reid said any American who had a "basic sense of decency" was supportive of Mandela and touched by his life.  

Schultz wrapped up the show calling Mandela a revolutionary and a man who never gave up.