Schultz Gives Talking Points for Thanksgiving Dinner

Ed Schultz and liberal comedian John Fugelsang name "crazy uncles" like, 'Gay for Reagan' uncle.

Ed Schultz declared that a "big topic" around the dinner table Thanksgiving day will be Obamacare. Schultz started by wondering aloud how liberals might "deal" with those anti-Obamacare family members who do not believe Obama was born here.

Ignoring the many legitimate arguments against the Affordable Care Act from people have never been and are not birthers, Ed and liberal comedian guest John Fugelsang joked that there are all kinds of "crazy uncles." Fugelsang listed the uncles he thinks liberals will have to deal with during the holidays,

You've got your, uh, Obamacare hating uncle, you've got your NRA uncle, you've got your gay for Reagan uncle, you've got your uncle who uses Benghazi as a verb. 

Later in the interview, Schultz noted that "some Conservatives" have given up on thinking Obama is a "Kenyan Socialist Muslim" but there are still some out there that his audience would have to deal with. Fugelsang agreed saying, 

Yeah, well I think you're right about the birther thing, people have kinda eased off that. I think a lot of people realize 'hmm, I've never asked a Caucasian politician to show their birth certificate, this might not look good.' And you can always point out that, unlike Ted Cruz, Barack Obama was born in America!

They continued giving talking points about how to debate and "dig" at Republicans during the long weekend, but encouraged the viewers to try to get along with any "right-wingers" they might come into contact with. Fugelsang and Schultz concluded that all liberals should walk away making sure "everyone" still loves each other.