SCHLICHTER: Detonate the Narrative: Questions No Mainstream Media Hack Will Ever Ask Hillary

The emerging Hillary narrative is clear:  She’s awesome, and now shut up about those troubling details.

There are plenty of questions that real journalists would ask Hillary, except she will never – ever – expose herself to a real journalist.  She will stay hidden and talk only to the select coterie of Democrat transcriptionists who have distinguished themselves via sycophancy above and beyond the call of duty.  So we need to detonate the narrative by asking the tough questions ourselves.

It’s sad that it has come to this, but the Clintons destroy everything they put their grubby hands on, and the old idea of journalism is just one more casualty in their quest for power.  Half the mainstream media has worked for the Clintons, or is married to someone who did, and the other half would happily do so.  There was not much that journalists would not do for Bill Clinton – and please, we do not want to know what they would do for Hillary.

A real journalist would want to start with some of the rather glaring omissions in her hilarious campaign bio.  What’s funny isn’t the content – it reads like ad copy drafted by a recent grad from Gumbo State – but the sheer cynicism that underlies it.  It’s not even a series of lies – it’s an alternate reality.           

So, since journalists have no interest in digging up the truth, perhaps this trial lawyer can suggest a few useful questions on the off-chance any of these pathetic scribblers wish to reclaim their souls – or in case any of us somehow end up face-to-face with Hillary while cameras are running.           

“Mrs. Clinton – you are still going by ‘Mrs. Clinton, right? – your bio states that ‘After law school, Hillary chose not to go to a big New York or Washington law firm.’  Didn’t you fail the Washington, D.C., bar exam?”           

“How did you manage to fail the D.C. bar exam, the easiest of all bar exams?  Did you not have a pulse?”           

“Your bio notes that you ‘serv[ed] as a lawyer for the Congressional Committee investigating President Nixon.’  Did you leave that job voluntarily, or were you fired by its Democrat lead investigator for grossly unethical conduct?”           

“When you moved to Arkansas, you were hired by the state’s most prestigious firm.  Can you tell us any reason why the Rose Law Firm would hire a woman who had flunked the D.C. bar exam other than that her husband was governor?”           

“You are making breaking the so-called ‘glass ceiling’ a key part of your campaign.  Do you think you’ve any broken barriers on your own, or only because you married Bill Clinton?”           

“Would you be here right now if you were not the wife of a former president?”           

“Your bio leaps from a 1995 speech in China to your 2000 election as New York Senator.  Why did you not discuss Bill’s second term?”           

“Did your husband lie to the American people about Monica Lewinsky?  If he did, why did you support him?”           

“You defended your husband Bill Clinton when he was impeached for perjury.  Under what circumstances do you consider it acceptable for a president to violate the law without being removed from office?”           

“Your husband was a serial adulterer.  Do you agree that he brought great shame on the office and distracted the country from serious business?  How can you reassure the American people that Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades will not overshadow your presidency?”           

“Do you believe women who make accusations of sexual abuse should be listened to and treated with respect?  How do you square that with the vicious treatment of women abused by Bill Clinton?”           

“Do you think America’s enemies like Putin and the mullahs will see you as weak for your inability to stop your husband’s serial cuckolding of you?”           

“You served as a New York Senator for eight years.  Your bio talks about some initiatives to rebuild after 9/11 and to assist rural New York.  What was your greatest achievement as a New York Senator?”           

“Your bio does not mention that you voted for the war in Iraq.  Why not?”           

“Is it your position that George W. Bush tricked you into voting for the Iraq war?  Doesn’t that raise legitimate questions able whether you are too gullible to be president?”           

“Your bio says that, as Secretary of State, you were ‘instrumental in starting to restore America’s standing in the world.’  Name one region of the world where America’s standing is greater today than when George W. Bush left office.”           

“What was your greatest achievement as Secretary of State?”           

“Has Barack Obama been a good president?  What programs of his will you discontinue?”           

“Do you agree with Obama’s use of executive orders when Congress will not go along with his plans?  Will you recognize a GOP president’s authority to impose conservative initiatives without going through Congress?”           

“What, if anything, would you change about Obamacare in light of Obama and Gruber’s outright lies when attempting to pass it?”           

“When the mullahs in Iran call out ‘Death to America,’ do you believe that they mean it?”           

“When the mullahs in Iran call for the destruction of Israel, do you believe that they are serious about destroying Israel?”           

“If Iran obtained nuclear weapons, what do you believe is the percentage chance of the Iranians using nuclear weapons against Israel? 1%?  5%?  25%?  100%?”           

“If you learned that Israel intended to strike Iran to eliminate its nuclear program, would you try to persuade it not to strike?  If unsuccessful, would you warn Iran?  Would you order American forces to stop the Israeli strike with force?”           

“If Iran struck Israel with nuclear weapons, would you order an American nuclear attack on Iran in retaliation?”           

“If ISIS cannot be defeated without the use of a major American ground war, would you choose the ground war or will you accept the existence of the so-called Islamic State?”           

“Recently, Democrat leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz gave the impression that she opposes any limit on abortions.  Can you clarify – what is the last day of a nine-month pregnancy that you believe an abortion should be legal?”           

“Do you believe that it should be legal to abort a baby who could live outside the womb?”           

“Do you believe abortions should be legal where the mother wants to select the sex of the baby, or where she believes the baby might be genetically predisposed to be gay?”           

“Do you believe that able-bodied people should ever be given any form of welfare?”           

“Do you believe that illegal aliens should ever be given any form of welfare?”           

“Are conservatives bad people?”           

“Looking at a map, the coasts are blue and the interior of the United States is red.  Why are you the right person to repair the polarization in the American electorate?”           

“What will you do when red state governors announce you have overstepped your authority on some issue like guns, the environment or religious protections, and that they will refuse to allow you to enforce it in their states?  Will you use armed force against fellow Americans who defy your will?”           

The funny thing is that the media guy who asks any of these tough questions could well make his reputation – assuming he survives the inevitable backlash from his colleagues who would be scandalized by the blatant practice of journalism. 

But in the age of technology and social media, we don’t need the networks and newspapers to get the truth out.  We just need an intrepid citizen and a cellphone camera to catch Hillary’s response to one of these questions and the truth is loose.           

We don’t need the media to do its job anymore.  We can detonate the narrative ourselves.