Satanists to Deliver Invocation at Scottsdale City Council Meeting

They will close their prayer with "Hail Satan."

Leaders of the Satanic Temple will lead the invocation at a Scottsdale City Council meeting this summer. They will ask listeners to embrace a "Luciferian impulse" and close their public prayer with "Hail Satan," according to a draft obtained by The Republic.

Previously, the Satanists were going to lead the opening prayer at the Phoenix City Council meeting, but the plan was met with controversy

The City Council in Phoenix chose to eliminate prayers entirely rather than engage in a lengthy legal battle.

But the Satanists are persistent, if nothing else:

The Satanists' newly formed Arizona chapter — based in Tucson — is scheduled to deliver the invocation at Scottsdale City Hall on July 6. An initial date in April was postponed by the Satanists for logistical reasons, temple spokesman Stu de Haan said.

The group has "filed requests to pray in Scottsdale, Chandler, Tucson and Sahuarita.

Scottsdale is the only city to book the Satanists on its schedule. Mayor Jim Lane is trying to "find a clean path, one that is legal," to stop the group.

"We're not in the business of entertaining an invocation that makes a mockery," Lane said. "I'm not an advocate of it, of course."