Sandra Bullock to Star in Wendy Davis Movie Nobody Wants to See

Hollywood is this committed to liberal policy, you guys.

Who even cares about Wendy Davis anymore? Hollywood, apparently. They're so in the tank for liberal policy that they're literally making a movie about the Texas Senator who rose to prominence with her 11-hour pink-shoed filibuster 2013 to help stall an anti-abortion bill. The film Let Her Speak (umm, she did) will star Sandra Bullock. Abortion enthusiasts apparently have been fantasizing about this movie since 2013. 

Davis' filibuster was against Texas Senate Bill 5, which would ban late-term abortions and require that abortions which remained legal be done under safer conditions with doctors who had admitting privileges in a nearby hospital. Yes, Davis was incensed that a baby couldn't be aborted as it approached viability and that measures were being taken to ensure that women weren't also at risk as well as their babies in having an abortion.

Those who support abortion were so incensed by these restrictions that they brought jars of urine and feces as well as bricks, tampons, and condoms, all of which they intended to throw at people, into the Texas Capitol. Police told pro-life activists to leave the capitol for their own safety. The move won Davis the moniker "abortion Barbie" as well as the crazy idea she could be Governor of Texas. She ran, but lost to Greg Abbott by 20 points. Clearly, this  hero loser needs a film made about her, right?

Hollywood has completely jumped the shark. They're now just openly making movies the sole purpose of which is to celebrate liberal policies that harm women and the most vulnerable among us, trying to elevate literal losers into heroes. Who wants to bet Sandra Bullock wins awards for this junk, too?