Sanders Sweeps Washington, Hawaii, Alaska

The West was feeling the Bern.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders swept the weekend elections, winning Washington, Hawaii and Alaska Democrat presidential primaries. Sanders picked up almost three dozen delegates, but still didn't make a dent in opponent Hillary's delegate count.

The primaries had 162 delegates up for grabs and some will be allocated in the coming weeks when Washington calculates the vote shares by district.

The Senator cleaned up in the popular vote. Reports Fox News, "Sanders won Alaska 81-to-18 percent over Clinton; 68-32 in Hawaii and 73-26 in Washington, with all precincts having reported."

Still, Clinton maintains a large lead over Sanders. He remains optimistic; on NBC’s Meet the Press, he said,

“Our calculations are that in fact we can win the pledge delegates. We have the momentum. We have won five out of the six last contests in landslide fashion. … And the reason is the issues that we are talking about -- a corrupt campaign finance system, the disappearance of the American middle class… kids graduating college $50,000 in debt.”

The Sanders campaign hopes to build on its momentum as it heads into Wisconsin at the beginning of April.     

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